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    Professional Consultation

    Elevate Your Practice, Nurture Your Growth with Dr. Jennifer Kendall

    Whether you’re a student intern in need of supervision, a licensed associate requiring case consultation, or a healthcare professional aiming for business development, Dr. Jennifer Kendall, the owner and founder of Relevant Connections, is here to assist you in realizing your professional aspirations.

    Consultation Services Offered by Dr. Jennifer Kendall

    Case Consultation

    Benefit from Dr. Kendall’s expert advice on complex cases to enhance your therapeutic techniques and achieve the best outcomes for your clients.

    In-depth review of diagnostic criteria, treatment planning, and ethical considerations.

    Business Development

    Receive tailored advice from Dr. Kendall on how to build and expand your practice.

    Learn strategic planning, effective marketing approaches, and operational best practices.

    Supervision for Student Interns & Licensed Associates

    Comprehensive, state-regulated supervision to guide you from student to licensed professional.

    Focused mentoring in personal and professional development, ethical considerations, and preparation for licensure exams.

    Why Partner with Dr. Jennifer Kendall?

    Expert Guidance

    Dr. Jennifer Kendall holds a doctorate degree in marriage and family therapy and has an extensive background in the field, ensuring you’re under expert guidance.

    Evidence-Based Approaches

    Dr. Kendall incorporates the latest evidence-based research in her consultation services, aligning your practice with effective client outcomes.

    Dedication to Continuous Learning

    Dr. Kendall is committed to the ongoing education of both herself and those she supervises. Stay on the cutting edge of therapeutic approaches and ethical considerations.

    Take the Next Step in Your Professional Journey

    Interested in any of our consultation services? Contact Dr. Jennifer Kendall today for more information on how she can assist you in enriching your practice and furthering your professional growth.