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    Brenna Nelson, M.S., LMFT Associate

    Walking with You Through Life’s Complexities:

    As a therapist, I am dedicated to empowering individuals and couples as they navigate life’s intricacies.

    Whether it’s managing personal stress, anxiety, and depression or enhancing couples’ communication, my aim is to guide you towards healthier connections and self-awareness.

    Drawing from a fusion of art therapy and evidence-based techniques, I offer therapeutic experiences uniquely tailored to resonate with every individual’s and couple’s journey.

    Life presents us with a rich array of experiences. While some moments are jubilant, others, marked by stress, anxiety, or past traumas, can influence our current well-being and relationships.

    For Individuals: Finding Peace and Happiness again

    Stress, anxiety, and depression management: life’s pressures, while often inevitable, don’t have to overwhelm you. I’m here to offer personalized coping mechanisms and strategies, aiding individuals in their pursuit of balance and peace.

    Guidance for Young Adults: The transition into adulthood and the establishment of personal and romantic relationships can be as challenging as they are rewarding. I support young adults in self-understanding, goal-setting, and the cultivation of enriching relationships.

    Trauma Healing: Past events can cast long shadows. Through art therapy intertwined with traditional counseling techniques, I offer a compassionate environment to understand, process, and move beyond past traumas.

    For Couples: Finding Balance and Connection

    Premarital Counseling: Setting out on the journey of marital commitment is a profound step. I provide couples with the insights and tools necessary to craft a strong, understanding foundation for their shared future. I am also certified in Prepare and Enrich to help couples begin their lifelong journey on a solid foundation.

    Improving Couples’ Communication: Clear, empathetic communication is the keystone of any lasting relationship. Whether it’s resolving conflicts or fostering deeper understanding, I guide couples in refining their communication skills, ensuring they truly understand and support one another.

    For Teens: The Journey of Self-Discovery

    The search for identity, growth, and exploration are hallmarks of the teenage years. It’s a time when life can feel exceptionally intense, filled with the joys and challenges of evolving relationships, self-discovery, and sometimes remnants of past experiences

    Together, we’ll explore and address:

    Teen Challenges: Adolescence comes with its own set of hurdles. From self-esteem issues to identity exploration and acceptance, I provide a supportive environment to make these years a tad smoother.

    Trauma Healing: Past traumas shouldn’t overshadow the present. We’ll employ a compassionate approach, assisting you in understanding and healing from past experiences.

    Authenticity: Delve into discovering the true self, liberating from societal expectations and patterns that might feel restrictive.

    Family Dynamics: Families play a pivotal role during the teen years. We’ll strive to enhance communication, mend conflicts, and strengthen the bond within the family.

    Art Therapy: A Unique Way to Connect

    Art, with its diverse expressions, serves as a poignant medium for introspection and healing. Regardless of one’s artistic inclination, this approach can unveil new avenues for exploration and therapeutic expression.

    For more information about art therapy:

    Unlocking Emotional Well-being: How Art Therapy Can Help Teens and Adolescents

    Unveiling the Transformative Power of Art Therapy: A Canvas of Healing and Self-Discovery

    Art Therapy

    A Bit More About Me:

    My genuine passion for mental wellness is what drives me to achieve academic success, which includes a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University. Outside the therapy room, I cherish moments spent in nature and delving into various art forms.

    Brenna is under the supervision of Erica Carpenter, Ph.D., LMFT-S (#202458).


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