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    Suzie Sulak, M.S., LMFT-A

    Culture & Identity

    There’s a good chance that no two persons in the same space will describe the same event in exactly the same way. We are different people whose cultures, values, and worldviews have been molded. These foundational elements that make us whom we are form the basis of how we find meaning in our relationships. Do you want to discover your special talents, be stretched to grow, and learn more about how your personal witness can help those around you?

    Speaking via these identity-based narratives teaches us how to live authentically while adjusting to a new family, a marriage, or even a move to a new city or state while showcasing your unique talents.

    Transitions, Trauma, and the Self

    How do you maintain your identity when your surroundings change? How can the trauma of changing your life be healed? Working through transitions is essential for anyone who wants to hold onto their identity while transitioning to a new stage of life. Transitions are unavoidable. As a multicultural therapist, I have had to dig into the concept of self and identity as a person with complex parts that often feel opposing.

    Exploring my faith, identity, and culture helped me understand how to navigate through experiences of loss, not limiting grief to loss of life but expanding it to other meaningful losses like loss of community, country, and even dreams.

    PreMarital Counseling 

    Premarital counseling is a fantastic tool for couples, whether they want to explore a deeper dating experience or start a healthy conversation as they plan their marriage and future together.

    For the past few years, I have worked with a diverse group of premarital couples, and I enjoy seeing how each person brings their own unique experiences, talents, and aspirations to the table in order to foster cooperative communication, shared trust, and the capacity to co-create a life and relationship that they can truly cherish.

    Helping Couples Through Difficult Times

    We are given so many opportunities to expand and improve while we are in a relationship. I work with couples who are coping with various problems, such as difficulties resolving conflicts, complex family dynamics, adjusting to modern life and parenting, or dealing with infidelity and betrayal issues. Addressing our similarities and differences can set the stage for the crucial job of developing into the best versions of ourselves. This is of specific importance to me as an immigrant and native Spanish speaker in a multiracial marriage. It would be an honor to walk through your journey with you.

    Maternal Mental Health

    Nobody should ever feel they have to make the trip into or through parenthood alone because no two paths are the same. I am committed to helping women and their families at every stage of the perinatal period, from conception through the first year after delivery, as well as during parenthood and into childhood.

    I consider it an immense privilege to help you navigate through your journey of infertility, overcoming depression and anxiety throughout pregnancy, complex diagnosis, or even grieving perinatal losses. I believe that creating a safe space in the therapy room can make a difference in making you and your family feel supported and empowered even when life doesn’t meet your expectations.

    Suzie is currently under the supervision of Jennifer Kendall, Ph.D., LMFT-S (#203322).


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