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    Diana Parlante, M.S., LMFT Associate

    Meet our Relationship Coach

    Welcome to a transformative journey where you reclaim control of your life and relationships.

    Sometimes, life can feel isolating and directionless. Problems may arise with work, family, friends, or partners, and when you ask for help, no one seems to be saying the right thing. You reach out for understanding and validation and yet feel more removed and uncertain if saying anything was right in the first place. 

    These difficulties and struggles do not define who you are or your values. Your values and voices deserve to be seen, but they need to be. We are made to feel connected to others. When that connection with others is lost or fading, it can create uncertainty about who you are and what you have done wrong.

    This intensity can be the most gratifying and rewarding feeling, but when it is missing, you can feel devastated, alone, and angry. This is not abnormal, yet how do we get out of these patterns?

    How do you build and maintain relationships with others and within yourself?

    I want to provide you with a safe and comfortable space where you can share your experiences, opinions, and desires without judgment or shame. More than that, I want to support you as you venture to create long-term change in your life by regaining control. 

    My role is to be your translator and listen to what you are feeling and experiencing in your relationship. When there is little fear of saying something the wrong way, you can feel safe sharing something vulnerable. I want to be there with you as you reach out to your partner, friends, or family for comfort or to share how their actions have made you feel. I am motivated to ensure that you feel heard and that any issues or struggles you face are not being challenged alone.


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