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    What even is a healthy relationship?

    As a couples therapist, I get asked this question a lot. Though people and relationships are all unique, some universals are required for healthy relationships. First and foremost, both partners must feel respected, supported, and valued. A healthy relationship is one where both partners communicate openly and honestly and where there is mutual trust and understanding. 

    A healthy romantic partnership is also one where both partners can express their feelings and emotions and where they work together to resolve conflicts and challenges. These relationships also include partners who are committed to supporting and caring for each other and to building a strong and lasting bond. 

    Does this remind you of your relationship? Are there some parts that do, but maybe other areas that need work? This is why I do what I do. Healthy relationships are vital for good mental health and physical health. Couples therapy is not always for couples headed for divorce or trying to recover from an affair. Couples therapy can be a great asset to couples who have a good relationship but want it to be great.