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    Dannah Blumenau, MS, Counseling–Intern

    Meet Our Masters Level Intern: Helping You Reconnect and Repair Your Relationships  

    As a dedicated therapist, I’m committed to helping you navigate life’s many challenges. Our work together will be focused on breaking down destructive interaction cycles and delving deep into the root causes of your emotional distress. With a keen eye on the latest research and methods in the field, I bring a fresh and up-to-date approach to tackling key issues such as communication gaps, emotional signaling, and attachment needs. My goal is to create a non-judgmental space where we can explore these complexities together, empowering you to move forward in a healthier and more fulfilling direction. 

    Navigating Mid-Life Challenges: Expertise in Transition

    Mid-life is a time rife with challenges, both personal and relational. From career shifts and empty nest adjustments to dealing with financial pressures and caring for aging parents, these life changes can strain even the strongest of relationships. 

     I am keenly interested in providing tools and strategies to help couples navigate these transitions smoothly.

    Individual Counseling: Managing Life’s Struggles 

    Life is filled with challenges — from work stress and family dynamics to personal losses and transitions. As a graduate counseling intern, I am learning how to help individuals navigate these hurdles. 

    Through evidence-based therapeutic approaches, I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their thoughts and feelings, build resilience, and find a sense of balance and well-being.

    Navigating Relationship Conflicts

    Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, yet it can often lead to emotional distance and misunderstandings. As a masters level intern under Dr. Jennifer Kendall, PhD., LMFT-S, I am learning advanced techniques to help couples de-escalate conflict, build effective communication, and establish emotional safety. The goal is to turn conflict into opportunities for growth, deepening both understanding and intimacy.

    LGBTQ+  Care for Individuals and Relationships: Focus on Inclusive Care

    I am passionate for working with LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. These partnerships often face additional hurdles, such as non-traditional relationship structures, societal discrimination, and planning for children. My commitment is to offer a safe and affirming space to address these unique challenges and more.

    About Me: The Student Behind the Counselor

    Currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree program in Professional Counseling at Amberton University, my academic background includes an undergraduate degree in Art and Technology (UI/UX Design) and a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies (Entrepreneurship and Energy) from the University of Texas at Dallas. Becoming a therapist-in-training has been a transformative journey for me. I am excited about learning how to guide you and your partner toward a more fulfilling relationship.

    Student Memberships & Pending Certifications

    I am a student member of the Texas Counseling Association and am currently pursuing my LGBTQIA Affirming Therapy Certification through the Modern Sex Therapy Institutes.