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    Jennifer Eubank, LPC Associate

    Meet Jennifer (they/them):

     Your Compassionate Companion on the Journey to Healing

    Welcome to a space of self-discovery and growth, where you’ll find the support and understanding you need to explore your inner world. They are thrilled to join you on this path towards self-exploration and healing, standing right alongside you as your compassionate guide.

    A Personal Journey of Courage

    Jennifer, like you, didn’t embark on their counseling journey until young adulthood. They understand the courage it takes to seek counseling and commend you for taking that first brave step. 

    Building trust with a new counselor can be daunting, so they encourage you to set the pace for the therapeutic relationship. You’re the driver of this journey, and they’re here as your passengers, ready to support you when you feel safe and prepared.

    Effective Communication and Setting Boundaries

    As a trained child and adult counselor, Jennifer possesses the tools to help you navigate effective communication and boundary setting. 

    They believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, as everyone’s experiences are unique and complex. They’re here to collaboratively brainstorm with you and empower you to find solutions that resonate with your needs.

    Jennifer employs a 3-step process for setting boundaries, guiding you through the creative and collaborative problem-solving process. Your self-esteem and belief in your worth are important aspects of your journey, and Jennifer is dedicated to helping you recognize and assert your value.

    Navigating a Diverse World

    Jennifer is a neurodivergent individual and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. They understand the challenges of navigating a world that may not always feel welcoming or accommodating. 

    Jennifer is here to walk with you as you explore your authentic self and navigate the impact the world has had on your identity.

    You Deserve the Best

    Jennifer aims to inspire you to never settle for less than you deserve. Your journey towards self-discovery and healing is unique, and they are ready to support you in embracing your full potential. 

    Together, you’ll uncover the strength and resilience within you to create a brighter, more empowered future.

    Your healing journey begins here, with Jennifer by your side. Take the first step toward bettering yourself, and let them be your dedicated companion throughout this transformative process.

    Jennifer is supervised by Carrie Manning, LPC-S, RPT-S 


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